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In Elementary School Class: Portrait of a Brilliant Black Girl with Braces Writes in Exercise Notebook, Smiles. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Children Learning New Stuff


Rochester NY is one of the poorest, most violent cities of its size in the United States. Unfortunately, poverty and violence have also taken a toll on its education system. According to the 2012 Schott Report, Rochester graduated merely 9% of its Black male students.
Recently, Rochester City Schools (RCSD) has seen some improvements in graduation rates; however, nearly 40% of students are still not graduating from the RCSD.(2021 Data ACTRochester)

A Perfect Time For Change

Charter Champions is an initiative that supports the unique needs of Rochester's charter schools. We are here to partner with charter schools, as well as with businesses; and the broader community who also believe in the greater good.

Rochester is in the perfect position for a positive change, specifically in education. Why education? Because education has a profound impact on every child's life. It provides opportunities to be excellent- in life and career. 

In 2021 nearly 40% of Rochester's students failed to graduate from high school, even when exempted from NYS Regents exams.

Pie chart: of 25,000 students in Rochester, 15,000 will graduate, 10,000 will not

We're helping equip charter schools with the staffing, training, and leadership approaches that allow teachers and staff to focus on the lives of their students, rather than desperately chasing the latest buzzword. It's frustrating for teachers to work so hard and still feel like they aren't teaching their students.

Together with school leadership, Charter Champions is here to help deliver tried and true approaches to turn even the most struggling schools into those whose performance competes with private schools. On our staff are creative leaders who have more than theoretical knowledge. They have real-life on-the-ground success.

Young African american businesswoman doing speech and answering questions in conference room

Charter Champions is a caring, committed group of trained professionals who support the development of strong, healthy prosperous individuals and communities. Like you, we believe that the economic despair of most urban environments should not be a barrier to success in education.

Last, but certainly not least, Charter Champions is keenly passionate about and ready to address the issues impacting urban youth of color in the Rochester community. Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paul Miller is from those communities and intimately knows the struggles facing students who look like him. Charter Champions is here to offer unflinching and informed support for those schools serving the needs of disadvantaged students of color.

Charter Champions will collaborate to revitalize schools, support leadership, and attract and reward teachers and administrators. We will train those who want to grow and bridge gaps through custom-built networks and programs that increase performance, community presence, funding, and enrollment. Charter schools are the champions of Rochester. And we're here for you. Together, we will enhance the mindset development of students and school systems.  

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