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A Bright Future Starts With You.

With competitive wages, better learning environments and creative freedom, you may be surprised at all the benefits working for a Rochester charter school can deliver. Working at a charter school has another incredible benefit. Whatever role you play, from support staff to teaching to administration, you can improve the lives of children. Your dream job awaits. Why not apply now?

Keep climbing. Join Our Talent Network!

You don't have to babysit job postings anymore. By joining our Talent Network, you can submit your resume with us and rest easy. We're looking for the right job for you so you don't have to worry. Charter Champions works with over 25 local schools to match schools with talent like yours. When a position in your area of interest opens up, we'll automatically submit your resume for consideration. There's no downside; you can apply for direct positions, too! 

What is a Direct Position?

A direct position is when you apply for a specific, individual job listing posted by a charter school. When you apply to these, you will only be considered for this role. You can apply for both direct positions and for the Talent Network!

What is the Talent Network?

When you submit your resume for the Talent Network, your resume is kept on file by Charter Champions. As charter schools express a need for new hires, Charter Champions will work to connect you with positions and schools you may qualify for. You can apply for both direct positions and for the Talent Network!

Are you a Rochester charter school in need of talent? 

We’re passionate about connecting you to skilled staff and people with a heart for change. Unlike other services, posting your position comes at no cost to you. From administration to teachers to support team, solve your staffing needs by posting your jobs today.

A Rewarding Career Is In Reach

New to education? A teaching career is closer than you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a teacher. Are there positions for me?

Yes! From the office to the cafeteria, every member of a charter school staff is a needed & valued change maker. Submit your application today.

What degrees are required for administrative positions?

While each school has its own qualifications, administrative staff opportunities are surprisingly varied. Charter schools not only employ principals which usually possess advanced degrees, but they also can have positions in Student Management which are open to talented undergraduate degree holders.

I've submitted my resume. What happens next?

Whether you've applied directly for a position or submitted your resume to have on file for future openings, we'll get to work right away to put you in front of charter school decision makers. Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions throughout the process. We will continue to connect you with positions so long as your resume is on file.

Do I need NYS teaching certification to teach?

Certified teachers from any U.S. state are welcome, but so are bachelor degree recipients & beyond. Associates degree holders with education in a relevant area are also encouraged to apply. Not only do charter schools perform, they have unique prerogative to train and certify their teaching staff.

I have a high school diploma or GED, I'd like to make a difference. What can I apply for?

Excellent! Charter schools have diverse positions where you can excel. Charter Champions welcomes you to submit your resume so that we can get you into a Rochester charter school today. 

What happens if I don't get the position I apply for?

We're still working for you! Charter Champions will continue to work to place you in a Rochester area charter school. Your talent doesn't have a sell by date, we're committed to helping you find the perfect fit.

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