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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization that champions the critical and ongoing needs of Rochester area charter schools. Our goal is to create much needed education equity for students and families throughout Rochester by helping charter schools unlock unparalleled performance.

“Exceptional education can change every child’s life by providing opportunities to be excellent adults.”

Our Strategy

We are creating solutions via partnerships with charter schools and the greater ecosystem that supply what every charter school needs to succeed. Currently, Charter Champions is working to fix the broken teacher pipeline. Additionally, we provide support with data analyses, offer workshops and training, and provide individual leadership/executive coaching on an as-needed basis for Rochester charter schools.

Our Values


We believe that meeting the needs of Rochester area charter schools is the best way to unlock their potential and achieve desired outcomes. 


Charter Champions is driven by love for Rochester area children. We prioritize putting their well-being and happiness above anything else to create educational excellence. 

Educational Excellence

To achieve excellence, being good enough isn’t enough for our children. They deserve our greatest efforts. 


We wisely teach our children that “winning isn’t everything.” However, kids deserve a CHAMPION, and we believe that winning for those children isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. 

Charter Champions is proud to partner with all 27 charter schools in the Greater Rochester Area
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