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Young girl wearing glasses in a stem class who is representing minority students learning 3D printing skills.

World Class Support
for Rochester Area
Charter Schools

Staff Solutions

There is a critical need for staffing in many charter schools. We're building a network to match teachers & talent with charter schools.


Your charter school has talent, vision, and a demonstrated need in your community. We've got proven tools to help you perform to your goals.


Community delivers exponential growth for everyone. We collaborate with charter schools to raise the profile, impact, & vision of your school across the region.


From data driven performance, workshops, leadership training & more, we offer consultation from leading experts at no cost to you. 

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Learn more about the issues we're here to fix

What We Deliver

Charter schools are forced to do more with less. Charter Champions is a staunch advocate for supporting and creating great schools​; so, all children are afforded a quality education in the
city of Rochester. Charter Champions brings world class support that meets the needs of
Rochester area charter schools at no cost to the schools, staff, or administration.
About Us

​We're a non profit organization filling a much needed service that helps deliver a better education today.

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Our Strategy

We create solutions by creating partnerships with charter schools and the greater ecosystem that supply what every charter school needs to succeed. Currently, Charter Champions is working to fix the broken teacher pipeline. Additionally, we provide support with data analyses, offer workshops, training, and provide individual leadership/executive coaching on an as-needed basis for Rochester charter schools.

A smiling teacher calling on a student with their hand raised.
Our Mission

​Charter  Champions is a staunch advocate for supporting and creating great schools so that all children are afforded a quality education in the city of Rochester

Several excited students with their hands raised in class

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • ​Teacher Recruitment

  • Executive Coaching

  • School Redesign

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Organizational Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Concept to implementation Program Development and Design

  • Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Evaluation and Design

  • Research

  • Leadership and Management

  • Curriculum/Instruction Implementation and Design

  • School Safety and Building Operations

  • Team Building, and Coaching

  • Afterschool Interventions

  • Educational Leadership

A typical American high school classroom
Team hands

Our Team

​We know the unique challenges charter schools face. Meet the board of directors and expert staff who are passionate about championing Rochester charter schools.

Joe Klein

"Our Mission is to make Rochester the Nation's proof point that all children can learn by growing and supporting our public charter school sector."

Joe Klein
Board Chairperson
Dr. Paul Miller

"I'm dedicated to helping create an equitably educated Rochester"

Dr. Paul Miller 
Melinda Goldberg

"Every child deserves the best possible education with guidance from teachers who can help them thrive and be successful in school and beyond."

Melinda Goldberg
Chief of Staff
Rev. Robert Hoggard

"I want to ensure that every child in Rochester has access to a sound education, improving their chances of thriving in the global economy."

Rev. Robert K. Hoggard
Board Secretary
Carlos Garcia

"I believe we need to give parents a better choice educationally for their children, and I hope my work with Charter Champions of Rochester will help the community move towards that goal."

Carlos Garcia
Board Treasurer
Mike Perlson

"Success is an event, but excellence is a way of life. We get what we accept; nothing more, nothing less."

Michael Perlson, PhD 
Founding Board Member
Teacher addressing happy kids in elementary classroom.

Building a Better Teacher Pipeline

​​Charter Champions' first priority is addressing the critical staffing needs of Rochester area charter schools. Our goal is to be a one stop, tailored network that connects talent to charter schools. We are working hard to not only build more efficient ways of discovering and hiring talent, but we're innovating new ways to recruit, train and retain staff.

Frequently teachers are hesitant to teach at charter schools, and are ill-informed about the ways working for charter schools can enhance their careers and their impact. Furthermore, charter schools have unique abilities to train educated candidates to teach and to grow their staff from within. There should be a better way to connect to a mutually beneficial future and that's what we're committed to creating.

In Early 2023 Charter Champions will launch our pipeline portal, an intuitive and headache-free system that will connect schools to qualified candidates. While this tool is still in development, we're encouraging local colleges and charter schools to connect with us about becoming potential partners. 

A drawing of a Charter School
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